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Atomic Metal Conditioner MAXIMUM with 1 Stage Revitalizant

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Use AMC "Highway" together with 1Stage Revitalizant  to substitute this product. It will provide better restoration and protection properties.

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CategoryAMC + 1Stage Revitalizant
PackagingAluminum Bottle
Volume225 ml

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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative 3-component product specially formulated for treating vital engine parts in cars with oil system capacity up to 5 L. Revitalizant in the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn metal in engine parts and creates protective coating against wear, providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection.


  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear
  • Increases horsepower and acceleration
  • Increases engine compression
  • Restores lost oil pressure
  • Protects metal parts from overheating and overloading
  • Improves lubricating properties of oil and tribological characteristics of engine unit
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases engine life
  • Decreases toxic carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions
  • 1-time application provides engine wear protection up to 100,000 km

Technical Info


Make sure the automobile engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature. Turn off the vehicle. Shake the bottle for one minute and ensure it is at room temperature so that content flow freely. Pour the content into the engine oil reservoir. Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes. Then drive as you normally would. It takes 1,000 km to 1,500 km to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended.


  • Granules of Revitalizant completely dissolve in motor oil at normal operating temperature.
  • 1 Bottle treats an automobile engine with an oil capacity of 5 liters. For larger vehicles with higher oil capacities use 1 bottle of "Maximum" for every 5 liters of oil.
  • Repeated application of Atomic Metal Conditioner 1 Stage "Maximum" is recommended after 100,000 km.
  • For the highest level of protection for your automobile engine use XADO "HighWay" Metal Conditioner (RF5.5) during each oil change in the future.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately and show this container or label to medical personnel. Avoid release into the environment.

Reviews (5)

James A D.

Oct 3, 2016
My Story
I drive Taxi it is a 2007 Toyota Avensis Petrol at 110,000 km the bearings in the gearbox where worn and making a load noise. at this time I had the bearings replaced by Toyota at a cost of €600. then at about 200,000km the bearing noise returned and did not want to spend another €600 so I changed the oil and and treated with Xado EX120, I also changed the engine oil and treated with Atomic Metal Conditioner Stage 1. After about 2000km the noise had gone and I was getting 12% better fuel economy. The car is now at 335,000km and still the bearings in the gearbox are quiet and the engine still perfect and economy still up. The engine is also extremely quiet and customers cannot believe the mileage or economy that I get. I highly recommend these products.
Joe M.

Jul 21, 2016
That is amazing product!
The oil light went on (2000 Clio). Oil level was OK. My mechanic told me to change the oil pump (it would cost me approx 300 eur). My friend recommended to try XADO and I bought 1Stage maximum. Next day, after a bit more than 100 km run, oil light went off and never came on again since. Highly recommended!
Natalja V.

Feb 12, 2016
Very convenient.
Yet another great product from Xado. I've been using xado for almost 10 years now and seen it works on my own(driving 50ish miles without oil due to carter damage). Now its even more convenient to use in single procedure. Total Flush + Anticarbon + AMC works great on my 04 Merc-c180. Great service by Xado Ireland, i had mechanic booked ... collected my order same day.
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