About us

XADO Chemical Group is Ukrainian company that manufactures revitalizants, oils, greases, aftermarket oil additive. The company was founded in 1991 in Kharkіv, Ukraine. The name XADO was shortened from Russian words Kharkovskiy Dom (Kharkov House). In 1998 the directors of the company patented the development of revitalizant (a metal treatment) which has the ability to repair, restore and protect the mechanism against wear. The first consumer-packaged product was introduced in December 1999. In 2004 in the Netherlands, together with European manufacturer of oils Eurol, an enterprise XADO Lube B.V., which specializes in manufacturing of oil with atomic revitalizant XADO Atomic Oil, was established.

The first XADO logo was created in 2000 by Igor Makarov, Kharkov designer. By design the logo should be «written» with the gel squeezed from the tube, since the main XADO product, gel-revitalizant, is manufactured in tubes.

XADO products were brought to Ireland in 2004. XADO IRELAND was opened in 2007.

The logo is changed since then, website went on the new platform.

Xado developed a new generation of Revitalizant called "1 Stage". It reflects the treatment pattern, in which new generation revitalizant is applied. 1 Stage is applied once in comparison to second generation revitalizant (in 9ml tube or 8ml syringes), which has to be applied in three steps (1 syringe - one step).

The top level of restoration and protection of the metal parts, exposed to wear by friction, was reached in Atomic Metal Conditioner MAXIMUM, which contains 3in1 compounds to have 3 different approaches of treatment in one place!

  • Revitalizant restores surface with ceramic-metal layer.
  • Metal Conditioner keeps oil on the surface and improves sliding properties.
  • 2d Sliding Agent decreases friction or, increases sliding properties even more.

The top quality and smart approach brought Xado products far ahead of its competitors. Thats why Xado can be boldly called smart-nanotechnology.