Engine Is Smoking Or/And Oil Consumption Is Increased

If you pay attention to the colour of the exhaust smoke, you can make a preliminary diagnosis as to what’s wrong with the car:

  • The engine smoke is white.
    Probable reasons: moisture in the engine and exhaust system, malfunction of the cooling system. Insignificant smoking by cold start (especially by cold weather) is considered normal. If the engine continues to smoke even after being warmed up to the operating temperature, it is necessary to take the car to a service station.
  • The engine smoke is black.
    Probable reasons: malfunction of the fuel system, it is necessary to take the car to a service station for a diagnostics.
  • The engine smoke has a distinctive blue colour.
    Probable reasons: wear of the cylinder-piston group, valves, valve guides, valve stem seals, sticking (carbonization) of piston rings, wear of bearings of turbine supports or seals in turbine engines, absence of spark in one of the cylinders (malfunction of the electric circuit).
Blue (Greyish) Smoke


XADO oil and fuel additives can help, when engine smoking and oil consuming reasons are: wear of the cylinder-piston group, sticking (carbonization) of piston rings or worn injectors. Of course if smoke caused by worn valve seals or parts are compleately worn, they have to be replaced.

1. Pretreatment (Decarbonisation)

The usual reason for stuck rings (coked oil in piston ring grooves) is engine overheating. However, sticking may occur during regular operation if the engine has been operating with low-quality fuel or oil for a long period of time. Carbon deposits building up in the grooves decrease the mobility of piston rings, thus damaging the seal in the cylinder-piston group which lets oil out. The rings need to be decarbonized. Decarbonizers contain special substances dissolving and softening high-temperature lacquer deposits which are then removed from the cylinder-piston group.

Anticarbon Aerosol

Fast-acting product designed to remove carbon contaminations and restore the mobility of the stuck piston rings.
Dosage: 1 Aerosol (320 ml) ~ 3-4 engines/times.
Spray the content (for 5-7 sec) through injector hole into each cylinder alternately through a nozzle hose and leave with the cleaner for half an hour. Read instructions.


Atomex Total flush

Agressive engine oil system cleaner with the effect of anticarbon treatment for piston rings as well as cleaning contaminated crankcase ventilation system by applying car care products (due to the enhanced washing properties of the engine oil).
Dosage: 1 bottle (250 ml) for 4-5 L of motor oil. Intensive cleaning (for heavy contaminated engines): 100 miles normal run mode or idle for 100 min. Can be mixed mode 1 mile = 1 min. 100 in total.
Alternatively Vitaflush can be used.

Change Oil after pretreatment!

2. The Treatment

The most effective way is to apply complex treatment, which is comprised from several steps, but according the goal it is possible to use one step or two. For example: to get rid of smoking temporarely, would be enough to use just Anti-Smoke oil treatment, but it will not last.

Anti-smoke oil treatment

Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

It is only for the treatment as temporary measurement to lower smoking and increase the efectiveness of Revitalisation process. After Revitalisation, described at the next step is finished, the product should not be used.


Increased wear in the friction pair “cylinder wall to piston ring” leads to deterioration of the seal of the cylinder-piston group, which can result in increased oil consumption and smoking or/and CO emmisions. The occurring wear can be eliminated with the help of Revitalizant®. Revitalizant® compensates wear in the cylinder-piston group, optimizes clearances and, as a result, decreases the oil consumption and emmisions.

Considering the product price, features and application characteristics, please choose from the following options:

Atomic Metal Conditioner MAXIMUM with 1 Stage Revitalizant

The most advanced product for Revitalization. Contains 3 Components:

  1. 1 Stage Revitalizant - forms ceramic-metal layer. It stays in even after the oil change.
  2. 2D Sliding Agent - decreases friction.
  3. Atomic Metal Conditioner - decreases friction, keeps oil on the metal surface to protect the parts from damages of cold start.
XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant

XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant is 3rd generation of revitalizants, which allows to treat the metal parts in one step. Previous generation revitalizant had to be applied in smaller volumes 3 times for full treatment.

Revitalizant EX120 for Petrol and LPG Engines or
Revitalizant EX120 for Diesel Engines

It is 2++ Generation revitalizant, which is 20% more effective than 1st Generation revitalizant and still has to be applied 3 times by 8-9ml

Injectors and Fuel System

Clean fuel system and restore injectors (optional). The worn injectors cause increased CO emissions and smoke. Xado offers additives to fuel to treat injectors and clean fuel system. The regular use of them will increase the spanlife of catalytic converter, DPF.

Revitalizant EX120 for All Type of Fuel Equipment
AtomEx Multi Cleaner for Diesel Engine
AtomEx Multi Cleaner for Petrol Engine

3. Maintenance (tips)

For maintenance just keep your car's engine clean, regularely changing oil and adding a bit of revitalizant on each change.
Use Atomic Metal Conditioner to protect your engine even more.
Use Total flush or VitaFlush before every oil change.