Comparison of the Product Features

Treatment3 Steps3 Steps1 Step1 Step
Easy to useNoYesNoYes
Additional protection levelNoNoNoYes, Metal Conditioner
Cold Start ProtectionNoNoNoYes, Metal Conditioner
Additional fuel economyNoNoNoYes - 2D Sliding agent
Dosage for full treatment3 x Tubes 9ml3 x Syringes 8ml1 tube 27ml1 Bottle 250ml
NotesDo not need to spend all money at once -
3 steps instead
Do not need to spend all money at once -
3 steps instead
Convienience of one stepConvienience of one step


Regardless the best choice is AMC 1 Stage Maximum, Xado Ireland still offering more choices to consider:
  • AMC "Highway" for every oil change, if revitalization was done before;
  • 3 tubes (9ml) of Revitalizant - for revitalization. Good price and quality as revitalization will be done in 3 steps, gradually;
  • 3 syringes (8ml) of EX120 - for revitalization. Good price, extremely good quality, 3 steps;
  • AMC "Tuning" + 2xEX120 syringes - for revitalization and extra protection with AMC.