Atomic Metal Conditioner

Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) is designed to create a multilevel antiwear and overload protection system of parts due to improvements in lubricating properties of oils. The oil film with metal conditioner possesses considerable strength and creates such conditions on the surface of metal parts which prevent their wear and tear.

3c.jpegThe AMC is a three-component (3C) product. It looks like a two-phase fluid with granules of revitalizant at its interface. All three components are completely oil-soluble at the operating temperature of the engine:


The AMCs are effective for all engine types: petrol, LPG and diesel engines including high-powered and turbocharged ones; engines with direct injection as well as for those equipped with a catalyst converter/particulate filter.

RF (The revitalization factor) is a value for effectiveness of restoration and anti-wear protection of the engine in percents.