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2011-11-29 00:00:00

God, I feel like I shloud be takin notes! Great work

Mr.Arunas Gruodis
2010-10-30 00:00:00

I purchase Xado Revitalizants for Diesel engines and after 1500 km I felt a big difference and I am very happy with this product! I recommend this product to everyone who would like to save his engine resources.

Mr. Bob Nike
2010-10-22 00:00:00

I purchased this product a few months ago in Australia and I have to say that it does everything that it said it does - my car runs better and I use less fuel.
My car is only 6 years old and the Xado petrol gels have had a very noticeable effect.
They have TUV and API certifications plus a HUGE number of endorsements from auto manufacturers.
Why would you not believe this?
For all of those people that doubt it - just try it and you won't look back. For all of those people that don't want to try it - it's your loss.

Mr.Roland Jacques
2010-10-22 00:00:00

I have used and recorded a log when i used 2 different ceramic metal treatments, and they did work as described to a large degree.
Last weak I just dropped the oil pan on one of the engine treated over 9 months ago. I pulled the oil pump and inspected it. The gears looked like any other oil pump gears. But the shaft was smoother than normal. There was visible signs of where the shaft was grooved at one time, but it seemed to have a clear coat of "ceramic ? " coating it.
Also the Rod bearings seemed to be extra smooth like they where coated. The cylinder walls seemed the be much smoother than normal also (at least the lower section that i could see was)
I did find one bad thing that the ceramic treatment might have done. That was i had a good bit of sludge in the bottom of the pan. Not sure if the treatment was responsible for that.
All In all, it seems to work great for me. I'll be using the stuff on all my cars.
PS my compression on both vehicle went up after first treatment, but it went down a few weaks later. It is still a little higher than original compression.
For me it was money well spent but i dont think embrittlement is a issue for HHO boosting.

Mr. Jim Morris
2010-10-04 00:00:00

In October 2004, I treated one of our fleet tractors with XADO diesel treatment. At the time of the treatment, the tractor had almost 1,000,000 miles on the engine. The engine had never been overhauled or had the bearings replaced. The engine did have excessive blow by, as it would leave a puddle of oil under the engine when it sat and idled for any period of time. This is the reason I decided to treat the engine, just to see if the XADO material would work on this engine.
The tractor arrived from McAlester and the shop mechanic and I treated the engine with four tubes of diesel treatment. The engine is a N14 Cummins and takes approximately 40 quarts of oil at the oil change. The driver reported that the oil pressure increased approximately 5 PSI after the first treatment. The increase in oil pressure remained constant after the first treatment.
The second treatment was done the following morning when the tractor arrived in Oklahoma City, from McAlester. We added four tubes of treatment and the tractor returned to McAlester. On the third day, we treated the engine for the third and last time. The interval for the treatments was a little longer than prescribed, for it is approximately 270 miles round trip from Oklahoma City to McAlester.
After the third treatment, we just watched the tractor every day. After two weeks, I had the engine and bottom of the tractor steam cleaned to determine if the blow by had been decreased. To my surprise, the blow by was totally eliminated. The engine no longer left a puddle of oil while idling, but there was also no oil on the bottom of the engine and transmission caused by the blow by as the tractor was driven down the road.
The oil and filters were changed after 5,000 miles of use after the engine was treated. The tractor was driven as normal for approximately three months. The engine oil pressure was the same as it was after initial treatment.
In mid December, I had the tractor put in the shop and had the rod and main bearings removed and replaced with new bearings. The mechanic wanted to know what type of oil and oil additive I had been using, for he had never seen anything like the oil that was in the engine. The lower main bearings did show wear from the original 1,000,000 miles, but you could not feel the ridges or roughness in the bearings that you would normally expect. There was and is a coating on the bearings that is very smooth. The coating can be scratched, but polishes back to a smooth finish just by rubbing your fingers or a rag across the finish.
In fact, I did use the back of my Buck pocket knife to rub across the finish of the bearings. It did leave a scratch in the coating finish but would wipe off with a rag. I came to discover that the scratch was made by the loss of metal from my knife blade and not the bearing. The coating is harder than the blade in my knife.

Joe Gilmore
2010-10-03 00:00:00

I am writing to inform you of the excellent results I have obtained in treating my 1984 BMW 533i sedan with various XADO products. The car, a picture of which is attached, is my daily driver, just turned aver 269,000 miles, and competes in BMW Club autocrosses.
The engine and manual transmission have approximately 68,000 miles on them, having been obtained from a 1992 BMW 535i with known service history. The 3.73 limited-slip differential has, in all probability, between 140,000 and 180,000 miles based on the 60,000 miles I have put on it since obtaining it from salvage and the fact that it was from a late 1980s BMW 3-series. This type of differential is always in high demand in BMW circles; my purchase of it 3 years ago leads me to believe it led a long life in its first incarnation.
At 265,000 miles I treated the engine, transmission, differential, and power steering system with their corresponding XADO products. The results are as follows:
Gear noise, mostly from the differential but also from the transmission, was significantly reduced. The rear end had begun to howl, especially under deceleration, typically a signal to begin looking for a new diff. The car now sounds completely healthy.
Valve train noise, always naturally present in this type engine due to its design, was likewise reduced.
The power steering mechanism, original at 265,000 miles, had developed enough slop to be noticeable. This is also a sign that adjustment (which often hastens its end) or replacement is necessary. The XADO treatment completely removed the play in the steering.
My most recent check of gas mileage gave me 21.5 mpg, a significant increase over the 20.0-20.5 mpg that was typical before the XADO treatments.

I was skeptical of the XADO claims when it was recommended to me by a friend, but I am more than satisfied with my results, especially considering that it saved me over $2000.00 in upcoming repairs. I have now started recommending XADO to my friends as well.



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