Revitalized surface

Metal can be rebuilt!
With the discovery of revitalization, the scientists found out that it is possible to reverse the process of wear, protect and restore the worn surface! It turned out that it is possible to create the conditions, where a part can gain a new protective surface with high anti-wear properties. To create such conditions, a specially synthesized sub­stance — revitalizant should be placed in the area of friction. It contains the construction material for the new surface and the unique energetic activator that will enable the excessive friction energy to create a new metalloceramics coating.
The rebuilding process
Revitalization starts in the areas of excess stress (area of the maximum wear), this is the area, which has sufficient amount of excessive energy to start a new process, and the metal atoms have largest amount of free (uncom-pensated) bonds (1).

These bonds, like magnets, seize and retain the con­struction material — revitalizant. As the stress starts, the energetic activator collects the excessive thermal energy and directs it to construct the protective layer. Thus, a new coating is formed on top of old surface (2,3). Several minutes after the beginning of the revi­talization, a metalloceramics patch appears in place of a scratch. The area of abnormal activity disappears. Energetic processes stabilize, and the coating growth stops (4). Simultaneously, a mutual diffusion of two substances (metal and metalloceramics) takes place, which completes formation of the new coating, cements it, and removes the defect once and for all. With time the new coating becomes more and more reliable.

Benefits of revitalization
  The Repairing and Restoration of Assemblies. New metalloceramics coating is formed on the friction pairs; these parts increase in weight and vol­ume, and restore their initial geometry (the biggest increase is up to 1.5 mm!).

The restoration occurs during normal mechanical operation so that the ideal fit of the friction pairs is achieved. As a result, the capacity of power-units increase, the accuracy of the mechanism work improves, and noise and vibration are reduced. Resources saving, significant reduction in the amount of assembly wear and tear. After revitalization, the new coating possesses unique properties: an amazing durability (micro-hardness 650-750 kgf/mm2), high corrosion resistance, that avoids further metal loss, maintains an ideal friction surface, which significantly increase the reliability of the assembly and which improve performance.
Power and energy saving. Another advantage of the metalloceramics coating is an abnormally low friction factor (roughness Ra up to 0.06 micron). After treating the friction surfaces, it results in a significant increase (up to 30%) in energy saving.
Ecological rationality. The saving of energy and resources is environmentally friendly. When a revitalized mechanism is operating, there is a significant reduc­tion in the release of harmful exhaust substances (CO, CH, and NOX) to the atmosphere.

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