Revitalization "bringing back to life"
The word revitalization (Latin, vita life) can be literally interpreted as "bringing back to life". The discovery of the revitalization phenomenon is based on unique physical and chemical processes, as a result of friction, which occurs under specific conditions. In brief, the essence of the
phenomenon is as follows: when a mechanism is operating, stress is formed on the friction surfaces. Under high load excessive thermal energy is released destroying and wearing parts. However, if a unique building material revitalizant, is introduced to the friction area, it converts the excessive energy to form a new coating. Therefore from friction's destructive energy positive conditions are formed. The energy of destructions turns into the energy of creation!
How wear and tear usually occurs
Let's consider the friction surface under normal operating conditions. We can see clear traces of wear and tear. If you look closely: the marked area is the area of abnormal surface activity. Here, the metal atoms have an uncompensated double bond: such atoms can easily be "grabbed", "loosen" and "torn" away from the matrix by increasing stress.
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How it works

Imagine a tree on the edge of a brink. The soil erodes under influence of the wind and water, and the roots of tree become exposed. The binding between the tree and the soil becomes very weak and a strong wind can easily uproot the tree.
The same process occurs with the metal surface when it wears. The atoms easily break away and the destruction of the surface begins. Moreover, the whole groups of atoms can break away under extreme loads. This results in a catastrophic wear.

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