XADO Chemical Concern
XADO Chemical Concern was formed in 1991. It specializes in the research, development and application of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, as well as the production of oils, lubricants and autochemistry.
Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company completed with the most up to date high-tech equipment that enables us not only to increase the output of products, but also to manufacture customized products.
The Company follows the strict ISO 9001-2000 certification and each batch of goods is quality assured.
XADO Chemical Concern has its own certified research center XADO Laboratories" with well-equipped and certified physical and chemical, chemmotological, tribo-logical, and ballistic laboratories; it also includes a Methodical and Technical Resource Center.
XADO headquarters are located in Kharkov, Ukraine, with offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the USA.
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Revitalization "bringing back to life"
  With the discovery of revitalization, the scientists found out that it is possible to reverse the process of wear, protect and restore the worn surface! It turned out that it is possible to create the conditions, where a part can gain a new protective surface with high anti-wear properties.
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  New metalloceramics coating is formed on the friction pairs; these parts increase in weight and volume, and restore their initial geometry (the biggest increase is up to 1.5 mm!). The restoration occurs during normal mechanical operation so that the ideal fit of the friction pairs is achieved
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Latest news & events
Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC). Atomic metal conditioners by XADO.
Traditional metal conditioners are the products of auto chemistry, which are introduced into motor oil. Their main purpose of application is improvement of oil lubricating properties.

Automechanika 2010 still with the same grandeur!
The greatest world event in the field of auto parts and automobile service the international fair Automechanika 2010 was held in Frankfort on the Main.

Motor Show 2010
The large worldwide auto show called Moscow International Automobile Show / MIAS 2010 was held from August 27th till September 5th in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

Areas of revitalizants
  Sports and Weapons
  Household Appliances
  Polishing machines
  Chain saws
  Industrial Equipment
  Industrial reducers and transmissions
  Smoke exhausters and blow fans
  Cars, vans, trucks and sports
  Bikes and motorbikes
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